Affordable Aluminum

About Us

Affordable Aluminum Specialist Inc. is your number one choice for all     
your aluminum needs.  We are the best in the business and will prove it
to you with our continued, timely and responsive customer service and
quality consulting, repair, maintenance and installation.  That being
said, we offer the most competitive prices and the highest quality work

We pay close attention to the needs of the customer and will always
work around their schedule to provide the best possible service in the
Central FL area.  If you have had problems with contractors in the past, 
don't fear.  We stick to our timelines and are responsive to the needs of
our customers.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority.  We are one of the few companies
that are licensed and insured and will always take responsibility for our
work.  We are proud of the excellent work we do and show it with 
exceptional customer service.

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